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About Ifmec

Ifmec (International Facility Management Expert Centre) is a young organization and consultancy firm with training institute. Ifmec was founded in 1994 by Leo Laanen with the aim of further developing the facility field. Ifmec employs highly educated professionals who are continuously working on the development of the field, themselves and the organizations in which they work. We do this by deploying our consultancy, training, research and events.

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Ifmec develops! By Facilitating Excellence:

  • With the deployment of consultants in the field;
  • By offering training courses for FM and broad operational management;
  • By conducting research and stimulating innovations.


"Accelerate the development of professionals in the broad business to successfully advance organizations and the field of FM."

Core values

Self development


About Leo Laanen

Leo Laanen started his studies Business Administration at the Technical University in Eindhoven and continued his studies at the University of Groningen. In his first job at the Institute for Organizational Psychology, he developed higher management courses and at the same time taught at the Institute for Facility Management (THW) at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Out of his entrepreneurial drive, Leo started in 1986 with the establishment of a facilities knowledge center: the later Ifmec. Today, Leo leaves the day-to-day business operations to the regional managers and is mainly focused on strategic, research and training.


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Facilitating Excellence

The motto of Ifmec is: “Facilitating Excellence”. This is done in the various sectors, including the healthcare sector, the government and the business community. Due to the studies that Ifmec carries out within Research & Innovation, the latest developments on themes within Facility Management are constantly analyzed and applied. Not only does Ifmec develop in this way, it also contributes to the development of the field. The Ifmec professionals are actively involved in these studies and bring information from them to their various projects, thereby supporting clients in their pursuit of excellence.

To get a better picture of our organization, activities and our field of work, we cordially invite you to view our company animation.

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