The Ifmec Academy has been providing part-time business management education for Facility and Enabling Management for years. The Ifmec Academy is located on Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn.

There are two components within the Ifmec Academy:


Further professionalization in FM by following the Post-HBO training and by extension the MBA Facility Management.


Higher management towards central business support by pursuing the Executive MBA.

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Post-HBO Facility Management

The Post-HBO Facility Management course is the longest existing Post-graduate part-time course in which the latest developments in facility management are examined from a broad business approach. Much attention is also paid to the relationship between the facility and primary process at strategic level.

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MBA Facility Management

The MBA Facility Management is accredited by PPA Business School in Paris. It provides an integrated, coherent and challenging program for HBO graduates. In addition to a thorough general scientific foundation, much attention is paid to current issues and challenges of Facility Managers in relation to personal development and the development of their own organization in its environment.

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EMBA Enabling Management

The Executive MBA Enabling Management in collaboration with IPE Management School in Paris offers a thorough theoretical deepening within the broad field of central business support. Important aspects here are thinking in terms of coherence, conducting research methodically and developing and implementing alternatives to organizational issues. In this way, the relationship between HRM, ICM, Finance, Real Estate & FM is fleshed out from a strategic perspective.

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In addition to the courses with open registration, Ifmec Academy provides customized in-company courses, Masterclasses and Management Development trajectories. The in-company training is a practice-oriented way of aligning the knowledge and skills of several employees with developments in the organization or the relevant field. Interested? Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to make use of one of our in-company training courses in the field of Facility Management and Management Development.

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