Financial Justification of Sustainability


In three days, learn to strengthen the financial justification of sustainability initiatives. This masterclass, led by Dr. Mike Moulder, guides you step-by-step in developing a business plan and financial model to gain the necessary support and approval for your sustainability plans from the facility domain.

What to Expect:

  • Practical Approach: Learn how to create a convincing business plan for your sustainability initiative.
  • Financial Expertise: Develop a flexible financial model that accurately reflects the impact of sustainability measures.
  • Case Study: Explore a concrete project on transforming office buildings into luxury apartments and investing in charging infrastructure linked to sustainable energy production.

International Recognition

The masterclass is certified as part of the Leadership and Sustainability Module of the MBA in Facility Management and the Finance and Control Module of the Executive MBA.


Session 1
What distinguishes a good model from a bad one? What makes a good financial model? How can this help FM? In the Nordeinde of the Hague, an unoccupied office block (corner of Anna Paulowonastraat and Kortenaerkade,) is planned to be transformed into high spec apartments. Can a bespoke Business Plan and Financial Model convince the Board that this is a good move, including sustainability? Mike helps the team to develop both BP and Financial Model.

Session 2
Investment Appraisal, Working Capital and Sources of Capital focussed on the Facility sector. Any hidden traps? How do we value a building? Sustainability an issue/factor?

Session 3
Performance Measurement and Management (KPIs etc). The Facility Manager is proactive and propose KPIs to measure their own performance, rather than waiting for the Board to chose KPIs and tell them. Sustainability could be one measure too. Can Buildings communicate to us. Risk Management for the FaM. Treasury aspects that could trap the unwary FaM.

Session 4
Are we really on track in construction A, or is it just an illusion caused by delays: Budgeting and Variance reporting for the FaM, more skill needed. Interpretation trickier than in other sectors. A case study from the Public Sector. An example of the need for Activity Based Management, based on real public sector example. Accounting Terminology that FM must know.


About the Instructor: Dr. Mike Moulder is an internationally recognized expert in corporate finance and how middle management can present business cases to executives. He has served as a business controller for the European Union.

Duration and dates: This masterclass spans 3 consecutive days, starting on Wednesday afternoon, September 4, 2024, at 16:00, and continuing until lunch on Friday morning. A digital introduction and instructions will be provided beforehand. The entire masterclass can also be followed online.

About the Instructor: Ifmec Masterclasses can be conducted throughout Europe, including the beautiful Landgoed Zonheuvel in the Netherlands.

Cost: €2500 (including accommodation costs, excluding VAT)


More Information and Enrollment

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